Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

‘Tis the season of peace, joy, and the twinkle of holiday lights.


Photography 101: Moment

Precious Moments

With the Cape Neddick, aka "Nubble" lighthouse in the background over the rough windswept sea, a young girl dressed in shorts and a pink fleece jacket, stands on the rocks and takes a photograph with her iPhone. Blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail without a care in the world.

I know many of you have seen this photo before, but this is a moment I’ll always cherish.

Normally I’d come unglued if someone were to so inconsiderately step right in front of me as I set up for a photograph. But all I could think of as my daughter stepped into the frame, without so much as a thought as to what Daddy was doing, iPhone raised to take her own picture, was “please don’t move, please don’t move, at least not until after I can press the shutter!”

I knew that if she did, the moment would be over. Having her pose in an attempt to recreate the scene would not have been the same.

I made a few really spectacular shots the day I made this. All very dramatic, waves crashing over the rocks. This will always be my favorite.

Photography 101: Architecture



The Cocheco Mill Building in downtown Dover, NH. The bright blue-white spotlight on the tower shining brightly, a mirror image of the building reflected in the glass smooth water above the waterfalls. Numerous widows are lit from within in this long brick structure.


Winter Nubble, Pastel Sky


Abandoned Farmhouse, Winter

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light 1.1

In The Spirit Of The Season,


Let There Be Light!

This is a new version of the original post where some are having trouble viewing the images.

And since the images are all that matter, we simply cannot have that!Holiday Lights At Nubble Light.

Holiday Time In Market Square.

Christmas Flame

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

In The Spirit Of The Season,

Let There Be Light!

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The Final Shot Of 2012

On the eve of the eve of the New Year…

…I finally made it to Nubble Light to photograph it decorated for the Holidays. This is also officially the last image I made from 2012.

It was brutally cold, winds in excess of 30mph(48kph), several shots ruined by car headlights illuminating the island, but it was worth it! Just the right exposure to avoid excessive star trails, I couldn’t ask for more.

Nubble light decorated in Christmas lights under a star filled night sky. The constellation Orion can be seen just above and to the right of the lighthouse.

Pop-quiz: Who can tell me which constellation is featured in this image? (Without looking at anyone else’s answers 😉 )

You’re cutting it close, but there’s still time!

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Through The Lens, My Favorite 12 From 2012.

What a year! 

2012 has been an unbelievable year. I’ve created more commissioned work for others, and more of my work is finding its way onto people’s walls. I also feel I’m continuing to learn and grow as a photographer. I’d like to share with you my favorite 12 images from the past year.

(For this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge theme: Surprise. The “surprise?” I can’t count, my favorite 12 of 2012 is actually 20! Enjoy!)



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