When You Take Your Camera Everywhere

Recently it’s been brought to my attention by a friend and fellow photographer that my photography has changed a bit.

Not so much in what I photograph, I’m still primarily a landscape photographer, the difference my friend noticed was in what else I’ve been photographing.

Sunlit doorway in at the end of an alley in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


After talking about this a bit, and a quick scroll through my Instagram feed I saw that he was right.




These new types of images weren’t the result of any conscious decision on my part to make a change in the direction or subject matter I was taking my photography, nevertheless they were there. Scrolling through my Instagram still showed plenty of the landscape images those of you kind enough to subscribe to this blog or follow me on Instagram know me for, now however, interspersed among the sunrises and sunsets, the autumn foliage and snowy mountains, were images with a more urban, architectural, or “street” feel to them.

Thinking about this I soon realized why, as well a when this change started to take place.


Looking back it has been just over a year since I switched from Canon to Fuji(stay tuned, coming soon a more in-depth article on my first year using Fujifilm), and since acquiring my Fujifilm X-T2 last October I take my camera pretty much everywhere, something I rarely did with the big heavy Canon DSLR.

What having my camera with me more often than not has done has been to open my eyes to possibilities. Be it a sunlit door at the end of an alley, or a young lady enjoying a glass of wine at a local wine bar, I no longer see it, possibly briefly thinking “this would make a good photograph,” and walk on, now I’m actually  able to take that photograph while the thought is still fresh in my head.

As big. heavy, and not so much fun to lug around as my 5D MkIII was, the X-T2 is a joy to carry. It’s small size and weight makes me almost forget it’s slung over my shoulder. No longer do I wish I just left the darn thing home, now I can’t imagine going anywhere without it.

Different or not, I’m thankful for the images I’m able to capture as a result.





Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. 

In no particular order…

(I think I got them all. But if I didn’t I’m sure someone else HERE did.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

Brick Pathways

Follow your own path.

Let the flowers be your guide.

Photography 101: Street.

6:20 a.m.

Morning fog and empty streets in Market Square, Portsmouth, NH.

Market Square, Portsmouth, NH

Come play in the Street.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Art is everywhere.

From the paint on a race car to graffiti on a wall.

Seek it, embrace it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life.

Or Lack Thereof…

At the hours I’m normally out with camera and tripod in hand, there is rarely another soul in sight.

Case in point, this photo looking into Market Square in beautiful Portsmouth, NH.

Notice the clock on the steeple, 6:20. And that’s a.m. which is actually a late morning for me.

In a few hours, this picturesque area of Portsmouth will become alive with the hustle and bustle of cars and pedestrians, tourists and locals alike. Thus creating an entirely different atmosphere than the peace of early morning.

Misty Morning Market Square.

Happy Holidays from Jeff Sinon Photography

Season’s Greetings

To all of my fans and subscribers, I’d like to wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season.

This past year has been very good to me as a photographer. Many of my images have found their way into people’s private collections. I’ve licensed the use of more photos than ever before, as well as having sold my first magazine cover.

I have all of you to thank for it.

My never ending goal of creating better, more compelling photographs, ones that keep you all coming back, has made me the photographer I am today.

Thank You!