Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed part II

Along came a spider…

Spider Shadow On Milkweed

There are more shadows to enjoy.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

The red-winged blackbird sings loud from the marsh ~

Singing The Song Of Spring


The loon’s haunting call echoes through the evening stillness ~

common loon spreading its wings to shake off excess water after surfacing from a dive.

Verdant patterns emerge from soft wet earth~


Snowmelt swells swift running streams~ 

green plant in flowing water


I’m Famous!

At least among kids anyway.

I’m pretty excites to announce that my first published photo is hitting the news stands now!

As a kid I used to love reading Ranger Rick Magazine, a publication put out by the National Wildlife Federation. So having one of my photos on the back cover of the February 2014 issue is pretty darn cool, to me anyway.

Though at first glance, when I looked at one of the copies of the magazine they sent me, I thought the photo looked a little weird because they reversed it for use on the back cover. As shot the cardinal is facing the other way.

No matter.

After a few rounds of patting myself on the back and a few high-fives to self as well, I had to share the news.

The Front... _MG_6210

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family


Family Time On A New Hampshire Lake

A peaceful family outing on a quiet New Hampshire lake, a pair of common loons, accompanied by their young chick, searches for a meal.

Family Swim

While one parent watches over the chick, the other will dive in search of a fish. Having been successful, the adult will in turn feed it to the young.

adult loon feeding its young chick

With a full belly, it’s time for an easy ride.

Week 13 - New Beginnings

Weekly Photo Challenge: One


“But calm, white calm, was born into a swan”

                                                                                      ~Elizabeth Coatsworth

A lone mute swan sits motionless on the still surface of the water, with a wall of brown reeds as a backdrop.