Autumn On Baxter Lake

On the shore there is fire, and that fire is beautiful.

fiery autumn shore on baxter lake, nh

As I eagerly await this years first autumn visit to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, I’ve looked to autumns past for inspiration. Here’s an image from “our” lake captured a few years ago.

Edit: I just realized that this is my 200th post 😀


And Then It Was Said…

“Let the forest be overcome with color.”

Abstract image of white birch trees surrounded by the fiery reds and oranges of autumn.

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual Point Of View

“Are there fish in there?”

As I eagerly await the glorious explosion of color about to take place upon the landscape, I’m going with another autumn themed post of this weeks Photo Challenge.

Most people visiting New Hampshire during autumn, come for scenes like this one showing fall in all its glory.

Color In The Notch. Crawford Notch, NH

Not me, at least not always, and definitely not on one particular day in early October of last year.

I was looking for a unique point of view.

On a mission to create a series of abstract nature photographs for a client, I set out to capture the warmth and brilliance of autumn in New Hampshire without the photographs being too “seasonal.”

Photographs that depicted the peak of autumn color, yet could be displayed year round and not seem out of place with the season.

Since I was after an abstract style of photo, I felt that each photo should engage the viewer and leave them asking, “what is that?” Recognizable, even if only slightly, as something in nature while inspiring the viewer to invest more than a casual glance.

So instead, I came up with this,

Abstract Autumn Reflections. Crawford Notch, NH

Would you believe that these photographs are of the same scene and as close to mirror images of each other as I could get? The second, which by the way, the client loved and is now printed BIG on canvas and hanging on her wall, is the same sheer granite wall, the same splendid fall foliage, as in the first photo, only in the second it is reflected on the rippled surface of a small pond at the base of the cliffs.

But what do fish have to do with anything?

Well now, that’s a funny story. I started the day with a beautiful sunrise, and an iconic New England  scene, complete with white steeple church surrounded by mountains of color. Then I finished the day off with a moose. All of which can also be seen in this post from last year.

However, during the remainder of a long full day in the mountains of New Hampshire, even though surrounded by glorious mountain scenery at the height of autumn color, I rarely pointed my camera directly at the foliage laden scenery, and when I did it wasn’t in a conventional way. Most of the time I was photographing it indirectly, through reflections, or using camera motion to capture all the vibrant color in a unique and abstract way.

By panning my camera, both vertically and horizontally during exposure, or setting it low to the waters surface to capture the reflection, I was able to create the series of abstract images I sought for my client.

Anyway, let me finish my fish story.

Without exception, at any place I was photographing, no matter how beautiful the scene, I was the one and only photographer, among the hoards of tourists and other photographers, who was pointing their camera at the water. Quite often I would walk up beside a group of tourists, immediately get down on my knees to set up my camera, pointing down at the water, take a few shots, then get up and leave.

The puzzled look on their faces, as they watched this guy with a bag full of expensive gear, who never once looked up at the scene everyone else was admiring, was priceless!

And without fail, every single time I set up for a shot, at least one person would ask me, “are there fish in there?”

Kaleidoscope Of Color

The Brilliance Of Autumn

The Landscape At Its Best


Just as the first soulful cry of the loon on our lake signifies the onset of spring, the trumpeting of Canada geese, cruising overhead in near perfect V formation, whispers that autumn will soon be upon us.

Though the days are still warm, and summer hasn’t officially ended, there’s a crispness in the morning air that hints at the season to come.

As summer gives way to fall, the anticipation of brilliantly colored landscapes fills me with excitement. Though typically lasting but a few short weeks before the leaves have fallen from the trees, autumns vibrant splendor is a sight to behold.

Soon, the seasons kaleidoscope of color will be upon us again.

Through The Lens, My Favorite 12 From 2012.

What a year! 

2012 has been an unbelievable year. I’ve created more commissioned work for others, and more of my work is finding its way onto people’s walls. I also feel I’m continuing to learn and grow as a photographer. I’d like to share with you my favorite 12 images from the past year.

(For this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge theme: Surprise. The “surprise?” I can’t count, my favorite 12 of 2012 is actually 20! Enjoy!)



Didn’t see your favorite Jeff Sinon Photography image? Well then click HERE and cast your vote and you could you see it in the upcoming “Fan Favorites Of 2012,” AND you’re vote automatically enters you in a chance to win an 8″ x 12″ copy for your very own. Contest details and rules here


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

New England at its finest!

There are four reasons I love being a photographer in New Hampshire.


A large moss covered, sunlit rock dominates the foreground of this image of Tucker Brook falls. Remnants of a late April snow storm can be seen on the forest floor. A long exposure gives the water flowing over the falls in the left background a soft, silky look.

As is typical of New England weather, the stream-side rocks and surrounding forest was covered in 6 inches of  late April snow the day before I made this photo. The remnants of which can be seen is the forest beyond the stream.


Closeup of the pink cone flower, the orange tipped yellow seeds radiate from the center of the cone. Bright pink petals circle the central cone.

In the summer, sunrise comes too early, and sunset too late, but there are flowers, oh yes, plenty of flowers. Whether in my yard, deep in the woods, or waist deep in a pond, flowers of all kinds are one of my top choices for photographic subjects.


Looking north from the exposed granite summit of Foss Mountain in Eaton, NH, the vibrant Autumn colors show a beautiful palette of red, orange, and golden yellow foliage painting the mountain sides. Streaming pink and purple cotton candy clouds top the scene. Mount Washington and the Presidential range can be seen in the distance towards the upper left of the scene

The colors of Autumn, there is no single better reason than Autumn’s glorious color to live and photograph in New England!


The Presidential Range, including Mt. Washington seen in late winter over a frozen Cherry Pond in the Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge.

My second favorite season, after Autumn, Winter provides some of the best photographic opportunities. As long as you’re willing to brave the cold.

Impressions Of Autumn

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Dedicated to Valentina. She asked to see more abstract images, and I’m happy to oblige. Enjoy!