Weekly Photo Challenge: Three

The Beauty Of Three

From beginning to beautiful in three steps.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Layers as far as the eye can see.


Blue Mountain Layers

Mist In The Valley


Layers in pink.


Petals In Pink



The layers of  fore, mid, and background, within a photograph.


Moonrise Over Mount Washington


Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

The Water Lily Experiment

A photo study of the white fragrant water lily, captured at apertures f/1.4 through f/16.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Color Color Everywhere!

The brilliant white of the church steeple towering over the roof tops of historic Portsmouth, NH.

The bright white steeple of the North Church as it towers over the snow covered roof tops of Portsmouth, NH

The vibrant greens and golds of the salt marsh grasses as the sun burns off the early morning mist.

Overlooking the salt marsh near Odiorne Point State park, in the distance the white wooden bridge on route 1 is seen through the early morning fog

The fiery colors of a day at the drag races.

Close up of a racing slick and the expertly air brushed flames of a drag racing car.

The artistically applied air brush art on the nose of a dragster.

The vivid purple of a wild orchid.

Close up of the dew colored flowers of the purple fringed orchid

I could go on and on…

Through The Lens, My Favorite 12 From 2012.

What a year! 

2012 has been an unbelievable year. I’ve created more commissioned work for others, and more of my work is finding its way onto people’s walls. I also feel I’m continuing to learn and grow as a photographer. I’d like to share with you my favorite 12 images from the past year.

(For this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge theme: Surprise. The “surprise?” I can’t count, my favorite 12 of 2012 is actually 20! Enjoy!)



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Renewal = Spring .

Though it’s hard to imagine, with winters icy grip, and its cold white coating of snow, just around the corner, for me when I think of renewal, I think of Spring. Spring is the time of renewal. Soon after the snow melts the wildflowers will begin to emerge and the young animals and birds will soon begin to be born. A new generation is about to commence.

Coming soon…

…to the Spring-time forest near you.

Painted Trillium

Close up of the white petals, with the band of deep pink at each petals base, of a painted trillium.

Pink Lady among the birches.

Pink Lady’s Slipper orchid.

Pink lady's slipper orchid standing next to a small white birch tree, the hint of another flower can be seen in the softly out of focus background, along with the leaf littered forest floor. Dappled sunlight lights the foreground flower seemingly from within. 

The Next Generation.

And soon there will be four.

Canada goose eggs sitting safely in their down lined nest.

Close up of four off white canada goose eggs, all nice and cozy in their down lined nest.


A pair of black bear cubs and their sleeping mother.

A black bear cub stands against a tree, front paws on the rough bark, appearing to look right out of the image and directly at you. It's sibling looks up, almost as if looking up in awe at an older more experience brother, from its comfortable resting place, nestled snuggly against  their sleeping mother.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


From the debris littered forest floor, each spring brings new growth to one of my favorite wildflower spots.

Soon this…

Becomes this…