Light In The Shadows. 

Fujifilm X-T2, XF10-24 F/2.8-4

 Washington Street Mill, Dover, New Hampshire. 


Photography 101: Architecture



The Cocheco Mill Building in downtown Dover, NH. The bright blue-white spotlight on the tower shining brightly, a mirror image of the building reflected in the glass smooth water above the waterfalls. Numerous widows are lit from within in this long brick structure.


Winter Nubble, Pastel Sky


Abandoned Farmhouse, Winter

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines To Patterns.


Subtle, Leading, Gracefully Curved. 

Shapes, Patterns, Textures

Obvious, Repetitive, Intricate. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Normally, there is only one source of  illumination that matters to me as a photographer. (Hint: Rises in the East, sets in the West).

Though occasionally I do rely on other, artificial, sources of illumination while making my photographs.

The Cocheco Mill Building in downtown Dover, NH. The bright blue-white spotlight on the tower shining brightly, a mirror image of the building reflected in the glass smooth water above the waterfalls. Numerous widows are lit from within in this long brick structure.


Cocheco Mill, Dover, NH.

Five hot air balloons, at the Pittsfield, NH Hot Air Balloon Rally, glow from within at the Rallies Night Glow. The balloon pilots light off the burners in the evening, after the sun goes down, to give the balloons a beautiful internal glow.



“Night Glow” at the Pittsfield, NH Hot Air Balloon Rally


Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Movement: The Camera.

In both of these images the camera was moved during exposure. One was completely accidental, the other was created completely on purpose.

Can you tell which was created on purpose, and which was the “accidental art”?


Movement: The Subject, part 1

Generally, when I think of movement in one of my photographs I think water. I am a fan of the soft and silky look that a long exposure gives moving water.

Here are a few examples.

Movement: The Subject, part 2

Next I think of wildlife. It would be nice if they just sat still and posed for the camera, but they don’t always cooperate.

there’s one in every group portrait that won’t sit still

this beaver thought searching for dinner was more important than having its picture taken.

All Work And No Play…

…means I’ve been WAY too busy to get out with my camera!

I have been a busy, busy boy the last few weeks, and that has left me with little time behind the lens. I think I’m going into withdrawals. I’m not complaining, but I do need a day out with my camera, and soon!

“Do you take photographs for people?”

It all started last October as I made one of my first attempts at selling my photographs at a local craft fair. “Do you take photographs for people?” the woman asked as she was admiring my photos. Standing there with her young son, the first thought that came to mind was that she wanted me to photograph her and her family. Those who know me, know that I go to great lengths to keep people OUT of my photographs, so I almost blurted out a resounding “No!” Instead I decided to hear her out. I’m glad I did!

Up until this point, my craft fair experience had been less than stellar from a purely sales standpoint. But richly rewarding in the numbers of positive comments on my photographs. It was however about to get vastly better.

“My husband is a dentist,” she tells me, “we are opening a new practice and would like to decorate it with a Dover, NH theme. All photographs made in and about Dover. Would you be interested in a project like that?” I’m not quite sure I’ve ever said yes to anything in my life as fast as I said yes to this.

There are a lot of nice scenic areas in Dover, as well as a lot of historical buildings. I’ve been meaning to photograph most of these on my own, to add a little diversity to my portfolio, but never seemed to make the time. Now I was on a mission, I had a reason to stop putting it off.

8, 10…28!

Initially, 8 images, all taken within the city of Dover were chosen, all 16″ x 24″(about 41cm x 61cm) prints in matching frames, with room left for more in the near future. Since the project started so late in the year, I only had autumn and winter photos, so we agreed I needed  to get some nice spring and summer photographs to round out the collection.

Basically though, I thought I was done for a while after delivering the first 8 signed and custom framed pieces. You can check out two of the images, nicely framed by Rebecca at RSP Studio, here.

Not so fast!

On a friday in mid May I was contacted by the company that actually built the new building to see if I had any images that would be suitable for them to give as gifts to the doctor and his wife at the grand opening. “Not within the Dover theme, but I do have two they expressed interest in for their personal offices in the building.” They purchased both, same size, matte, frame, everything. Sweet, 10 large prints sold! My largest single sale to date!

Here are the two for their offices,

Two days later, I get an email “My interior decorator and I have been looking through your website, we love your work, we want more, 18 more! But, there’s a catch.” There’s always a catch right? “We need them by our June 1st grand opening.” Yikes!

Fortunately, these additional images were not to be in the “Dover theme,” but photos selected from my website. Which was good, there was no way I could come up with 18 more images of the town in such a short time!

So, to make a long story just a bit longer, I’ve pretty much spent the last three weeks getting prints ready, making sure the framing is on schedule, and trying not to freak out because the deadline is getting closer  and closer, all the while my camera sits collecting dust.

Finally, the images were hung in plenty of time for their private open house. The guests seemed to really like them, and I enjoyed answering their questions, as a lot of people who live in Dover don’t know their town as well as they thought, and couldn’t believe there were so many nice places in their own town.

I have to thank Dr. Josh Howard and his wife Lydia, without their willingness to take a chance on an unknown, “auto mechanic with a camera” this recent success would not have been possible.

Hopefully, I can make someones next root canal just a little more pleasurable 😉  

Here’s a bonus question for you.

Can anyone tell me who the person captured on the television in the background of the first image is? Without his tireless efforts, our National Park system might not be what it is today.

Hint 1, I just finished watching Ken Burns, “The National Parks, Americas Best Idea” on Netflix.

Hint 2, The answer can be found on the Jeff Sinon Photography fan page. (no need to become a fan, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings either 😉 )

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused.

The post that almost wasn’t.

I don’t know who comes up with the themes for these challenges, but this was another week that I had almost given up on. I was drawing a complete and total blank. But, I knew I had to have at least one “unfocused” photograph 😀

Soft and…Creepy?

Spiders fascinate me, but they also kind of freak me out.

I came across this black and yellow beauty one day while blindly chasing monarch butterflies. And by “came across” I mean almost walked right into it!

I have several versions of the spider, but this “unfocused” one is my favorite.