Photography 101: Pop of Color

Early Autumn, a flash of gold, reflections on Stonehouse Pond.

Stonehouse Pond, Fall Reflections


Autumn Hues

A cold wind blows, bringing a chill to the morning air.

Summer’s warmth becomes a pleasant memory as green becomes red and gold. 

The days are crisp, the air is clear, the hillsides dressed in brilliant Autumn Hues.

*    *    * 

The question posed on the Daily Post, 

“Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?”

My answer.

Warmth, anticipation, excitement, and joy.

Autumn is the most beautiful season. The awakenings of Spring and the comforting warmth and long days of Summer pale in comparison to Fall as the land adorns itself in its colorful best one last time before Winter’s sleep falls across the landscape.

A Room With A View Revisited

Sitting high atop Stairs Mountain overlooking the vast White Mountains of New Hampshire.


One evening last fall I had the pleasure of staying in a most spectacular and spacious room.

A room like no other.

Its walls beautifully decorated in shades of evergreen and autumn gold, with well placed splashes of crimson.

The finishing touch, a border of distant mountains under a nearly cloudless blue sky.

The cost of this room, merely miles underfoot, the reward for a nights stay, immeasurable.

*   *   *

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One Last Glance

Mid Stream, Mid Leap, By The Light Of The Moon

With time to kill one evening this past week, I stopped by a small stream near where I work to capture a few long exposures of fallen leaves swirling on the water’s surface.

Two of my favorites from my experiments with leaves, water, and time, can be seen HEREand HERE.

Ready to leave, as even under the light of the rising full moon it was getting too dark to see and safely navigate the stream side rocks and boulders, I started back to my car.

One fortuitous glance as I leapt from one boulder to the next nearly stopped me in my tracks.

As I glanced downstream I could see the most beautiful light reflecting on the water. The rising full moon, casting its wonderful glow on the jet black surface of the water, and on the dark, wet, leaf littered rocks, was rising in perfect alignment with the stream.

Surely I had time for one last 60 second exposure.

*   *   *

Stream Under Autumn Full Moon

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

The mountains seemed to go on and on…

Pastel Evening Light, Stairs Mountain

From my bedroom window.

Over the weekend I went on my first solo wilderness overnight in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

This spectacular view from the top of Stairs Mountain, the reward for a long hike carrying a fully loaded pack, awaited me as I reached my camp for the evening.

As the sun was setting to the west, the pastel glow cast over the landscape to the south-east was breathtaking.

The mountains receding into the distance seemed to go on forever.

The fire in the sky over the mountains to the west, especially about 15 minutes after the sun went down, was better still.

(If you just can’t wait to see that fiery sky western sky, you can see it HERE! While you’re there, become a fan!)

I had hoped for an equally glorious sunrise view in the morning, however the weather had other plans.

Here is the same cliff face from the above photo the following morning.

Stairs In The Mist

Not the sunrise view I was hoping for, but still an outstanding trip into the wilderness.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Yes it was!

Many of you who read my blog regularly know how I often enjoy spending my mornings.

The morning usually starts out with a pre-dawn hike, often several miles through the still dark mountains,  just as often alone, racing the rising sun in search of a spectacular view.

 This past Sunday was no exception.

With autumn in full swing here in New Hampshire, I chose to welcome the new day atop Mt. Crawford in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest.

Yes indeed, with this view before me not long after sunrise, it was a Good Morning!

Gorgeous fall color in Crawford Notch, NH

And here I am taking it all in.Enjoying The View

And yes it will be!

In one weeks time, this view will be the first thing I see as I poke my head out of my tent.

THAT will be a good morning!

A Room With A View

Autumn On Baxter Lake

On the shore there is fire, and that fire is beautiful.

fiery autumn shore on baxter lake, nh

As I eagerly await this years first autumn visit to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, I’ve looked to autumns past for inspiration. Here’s an image from “our” lake captured a few years ago.

Edit: I just realized that this is my 200th post 😀