A Room With A View Revisited

Sitting high atop Stairs Mountain overlooking the vast White Mountains of New Hampshire.


One evening last fall I had the pleasure of staying in a most spectacular and spacious room.

A room like no other.

Its walls beautifully decorated in shades of evergreen and autumn gold, with well placed splashes of crimson.

The finishing touch, a border of distant mountains under a nearly cloudless blue sky.

The cost of this room, merely miles underfoot, the reward for a nights stay, immeasurable.

* Β  * Β  *

For a look at some more equally wonderful rooms, click Here


62 thoughts on “A Room With A View Revisited

    • Thanks! The Whites are definitely a wonderful place. And two weeks from today I’ll be on a 32 mile, 9,000 ft elevation gain, backpacking trip through the heart of them.

    • Thanks Julie! In two weeks I’m headed for a 3 day, 2 night, 32 mile, 9,000 ft of elevation gain, backpacking trip into the Pemigewasset Wilderness in the White Mountains. I’m hoping the rooms will have equally spectacular views.

    • Thank you Brandon. I’m not much for bragging, but I have stayed in some of the finest “rooms” New Hampshire has to offer. I can see why those less fortunate would be jealous πŸ˜€

  1. My favorite type of room. I like that you included the boots, even though I know you generally shun having people in your photos. It adds a point of (human) interest and a size perspective, yet leaves the focus on nature’s grandeur.


    • Yes, I do like to keep the riff-raff out of my photos, but I’m going to be making a few exceptions very soon. I have a backpacking trip in 2 weeks, and there are a few shots I have planned that just call out for a person in them to show the scale of the scene.

    • Thank you. The Smokies are on my bucket list. Probably won’t happen until I retire though. That’s when I hope to thru-hike the AT. Pretty sure hiking from Georgia to Maine will give me plenty of photo ops. πŸ˜‰

      • No doubt! Your challenge will be to figure out how to carry camera equipment! I’ve a friend who hiked the Virginia portion (the longest state section of the AT) and his daughter was a thru hiker. What an experience!
        The AT is a big part of hiking in SW Virginia.

        • Yes, that will be the hardest part. It’ll be tough, but I will probably have to downsize. As much as I would like to, a DSLR and all the stuff that goes with it is not at all practical for a thru hike.

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