Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

New England at its finest!

There are four reasons I love being a photographer in New Hampshire.


A large moss covered, sunlit rock dominates the foreground of this image of Tucker Brook falls. Remnants of a late April snow storm can be seen on the forest floor. A long exposure gives the water flowing over the falls in the left background a soft, silky look.

As is typical of New England weather, the stream-side rocks and surrounding forest was covered in 6 inches of  late April snow the day before I made this photo. The remnants of which can be seen is the forest beyond the stream.


Closeup of the pink cone flower, the orange tipped yellow seeds radiate from the center of the cone. Bright pink petals circle the central cone.

In the summer, sunrise comes too early, and sunset too late, but there are flowers, oh yes, plenty of flowers. Whether in my yard, deep in the woods, or waist deep in a pond, flowers of all kinds are one of my top choices for photographic subjects.


Looking north from the exposed granite summit of Foss Mountain in Eaton, NH, the vibrant Autumn colors show a beautiful palette of red, orange, and golden yellow foliage painting the mountain sides. Streaming pink and purple cotton candy clouds top the scene. Mount Washington and the Presidential range can be seen in the distance towards the upper left of the scene

The colors of Autumn, there is no single better reason than Autumn’s glorious color to live and photograph in New England!


The Presidential Range, including Mt. Washington seen in late winter over a frozen Cherry Pond in the Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge.

My second favorite season, after Autumn, Winter provides some of the best photographic opportunities. As long as you’re willing to brave the cold.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

This weeks photo challenge theme is: Two Subjects.

After last week, this one was easy. I knew before I was even done reading the email exactly what image was going to use. Then I started looking through my Lightroom catalog and found several more that I thought fit.

The Bridge and The Mountain.

This first image was the one that popped to mind immediately. The railing in the foreground (you know they built that with photographers in mind) and Mt. Chocorua. Add a third subject if you count Chocorua Lake 🙂

(Yea I know, this one has been shared before. But in my defense, not as the main subject of the weekly challenge)

It’s not always about the waterfall.

In this next one, having photographed Tucker Brook Falls many times, the sunlit rock in the foreground is what attracted me to this composition. To me it holds equal footing with the waterfall as the subject of the photo, and not just the prerequisite foreground element.

Hot and Cold.

The last one for this week is a shot from two years ago. Taken along the Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire.

The brilliant warm colors of the fall foliage compete with the cool hard granite ledge to be the center of attention. I consider it a draw.

Fall foliage and granite ledge along the Kancamagus Highway

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