Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

In Search Of Treasure.



With my recent article for the New England Photography Guild, and my submission to the Juxtaposition Weekly Challenge theme, you all may think I have ice on the brain.

In an effort to remove all doubt, here are a few more frozen treasures to feast your eyes on.



Sunday’s Hidden Treasure.

Awaiting The Launch.

Not long after sunrise, large groups of photographers gather for the morning launch of the hot air balloons at the 2010 Pittsfield, NH Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Mist covers the glass smooth water reflecting the clouds that are colored in shades of pink and purple from the rising sun. A small island image left, about a third of the way up frm the bottom has a flag pole with the U.S. flag on it. Among the shoreline trees on the point of land behind the island stands several photographers eagerly awaiting the launch of the hot air balloons at the 2010 Pittsfield, NH hot air balloon festival.


Canon EOS 1D Mk IIN

Canon EF 50mm f1.4

iso 100, 6 seconds @ f11

Sunday’s Hidden Treasure.

Buried treasure, hidden gems, forgotten images.

Beginning today, I’m starting a new weekly series titled, you guessed it, “Sunday’s Hidden Treasure.”

I love to make photographs, and I make a lot of them. That’s not to say I’m a “spray and pray, hope for the best” photographer. I am quite deliberate when I press the shutter. However, I am also big on experimentation, unconventional angles, compositions, when everyone else’s cameras are pointing up, mine will be pointing down, etc., so I shoot a lot.

Usually only one or two favorite photos from a day’s shoot catch my eye. I’ll then enhance them to my liking, to then be shared with the world. The other photos, many of them as good, for whatever reason go forgotten as I move on the next shoot.

This series is dedicated to those images that are overlooked. The “Hidden Treasure” buried deep, lost and forgotten, on my hard drive.

Without further delay, this weeks Hidden Treasure.

An intimate portrait of a small section of Garwin Falls in Wilton, NH. Shown during the low flow of summer, with a few smoothed out round depressions in the rock, eroded over many years by the power of the water. A larger cascade of water flows over the rocks image left with a much smaller, thinner flow image right. Vibrant green moss and plants contrast nicely with the dark wet granite.

This weeks Hidden Treasure is an intimate portrait of Garwin Falls in Wilton, NH. Captured on 9/15/2012

(Click on image for a larger view)

Camera: Canon EOS 7D

Lens: Tamron 17-50 f2.8 with B+W CPL filter

Settings: 23mm, iso 100, 13 seconds@f8

Are there any Hidden Treasures waiting to be rediscovered on your hard drive?

Go on a treasure hunt, you may be surprised at what you might find. I’d love to see what you come up with.