Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background.

While there is a person in this photograph, it’s the background that steals the show.

Awaiting Sunrise. Mt Washington, NH

It’s a long way down from here! Is that Spiderman in the background.

A rock climber dressed in a bright red shirt clings to the face of Cathedral Ledge.

My friend Tracy has more enthusiasm for life than anyone I’ve ever met. Which is why I titled this image “Tracy Is Energy”

While she is busy photographing me, the view in the background is impossible to ignore.

Photographer in motion. Tracy readies her camera to photograph me. All the while there is a beautiful scene under the setting sun behind her.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Escape: break free from confinement or control

A man and woman pair of rock climbers perched on the face of Cathedral Ledge looking out over the Saco River and the valley 500 feet below.

A pair of rock climbers escape the confines of everyday life on the face of Cathedral Ledge. Conway, NH.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Reflections,  times three.

Still mostly submerged except for the top of its head, eyes, and nose, this beaver spotted me right away as it surfaced from under the ice into the unfrozen water at the edge of the pond.

North American Beaver cautiously checking out the guy with the long glass eye.

Louvered black hood of a drag racing car, accented with bright red and orange flames

 Louvers and flames meticulously painted on the hood of a hot rod.

The legs of a fly fisherman standing knee deep in the water, net hanging from his hip, stands patiently waiting for a fish to take his fly.

Fly fisherman patiently waiting for a trout to rise and take his fly.