Mistakes Were Made.


What do you do when you’re making a really long exposure that ends up being grossly overexposed?

You make it black and white of course.

Last night I was photographing on the Maine coast and experimenting with long exposures. The mistake I made was to trust the histogram displayed on the LCD of my Fujifilm X-T2 when dialing in the exposure time while using my 10-stop ND filter. With the shutter set for a 15 minute exposure the histogram indicated that the photo would be underexposed, however the final image showed just the opposite, with the sky grossly overexposed. As a last resort before deleting the shot I decided to convert it to monochrome.

Luckily it worked.

Next time I’m using ND filters and long exposures I’m going to stick with the Lee Filters exposure calculator app to set the exposure time. In the past this app has been pretty spot on.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

Dreaming? This is going to be tough.

Images that make me think “Dreaming?” This is going to take some thought. Along with an in-depth search of my Lightroom Library.

Here goes nothing…

A misty morning on my home lake. 

My little girl fresh out of the water with a dreamy look on her face.

(I wish I knew where the RAW file for this image is. I have no idea what I did to get the image you see here)

I think this shot through the window of my favorite north country barn has a dreamy quality to it. Maybe not a good dream, but a dream none the less.

(To me, it’s the reflection in the window of the leafless winter trees that lends a creepy feeling to the photo)

A dreamy walk along the pier towards the setting sun.

Sure I might be reaching a bit, taking a little creative license so to speak, but that’s how I like to play.