Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. 

In no particular order…

(I think I got them all. But if I didn’t I’m sure someone else HERE did.)


Capture The Color

Capturing The Color

Again this year the great folks over at Capture the Colour are sponsoring their “Capture the Colour” photo contest. 

And again this year I’m throwing my hat, er my images, into the ring.

Not remotely as well-traveled as many of my blogging friends, my travel is usually confined to the wild and scenic places of New Hampshire.

Enjoy the Color!


Autumn Road

Autumn Road.

Though red is not the dominant color in this image, I chose it for the brilliant reds found in the foliage. Red is the reason, along with the yellows, oranges and golds, that so many flock to the region every fall. 

Autumn in New Hampshire is certainly worth traveling to. 


Yellow rose petals on the brick sidewalk. Downtown Portsmouth, NH

Rose Petals On The Sidewalk. Portsmouth, New Hampshire


The brilliant white steeple of the North Church in Portsmouth, NH

North Church Steeple. Photographed during the “blue hour.”

Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


Above tree line, looking over Tuckerman Ravine towards the summit of Mt. Washington, NH

Overlooking Tuckerman Ravine from the Boott Spur Trail. The summit of Mt. Washington in the distance. Captured on my inaugural hike to the summit of the tallest peak in the eastern U.S. and “Home to the worlds worst weather.”

White Mountains, New Hampshire.


Winter wonderland. The snow covered mountains of New Hampshire.

Winter Wonderland. 

From the summit of Mt. Avalon, over-looking the valley below, Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range receiving the last rays of the setting sun in the distance.

White Mountains, New Hampshire.

From the mountains to the sea,

We have it all here. Without question, New Hampshire is worth a visit.

I’d like to invite the following bloggers, all of their photographs and travels I greatly admire, to take part, and with luck, win!


Zhang Wenjie




All of the above create excellent imagery, and most travel way more than I will ever be able to. (Big bonus, only one of them is likely to kill me for including her :-D) I encourage you all to stop by their blogs and pay them a visit.

Capture The Colour

A New Twist on The Photo Challenge. 

I love a challenge, and the chance to win free stuff!

The folks over at TravelSupermarket.com have come up with a Capture the Colour photo challenge. The object is to post five travel photos showing the colors blue, green, yellow, white, and red. Well I don’t travel much outside the New England area, and even that is pretty much restricted to New Hampshire and Maine. I was given the heads-up about this challenge by The Retiring Sort, and figured “what have I got to lose?” The prizes are pretty good too, and if all I have to do to enter is share a few photos, I’m in.


If you’re planning a visit to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and a drive up Mt. Washington is on your itinerary, why not make it a sunrise drive. The auto road to the summit is opened several times over the summer for people to be able to witness sunrise from the summit of the “Home of the worlds worst weather.”


lush green foliage and ferns line the sides of Silver Cascade in Crawford Notch State park

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are full of waterfalls in all shapes and sizes. The one above, Silver Cascades, is located just off Rt. 302 in Crawford Notch State Park. The mist that hung in the air the morning I made this photo added a dream-like quality to the image.


el camino with flames and supercharger

For the motor sports fans, here in New Hampshire we have New England Dragway, where “Hell Camino” was photographed. Personally, I enjoy the pit area, over the actual racing, for all the rolling works of art on display. We also have  Lee USA Speedway, Star Speedway, and for the NASCAR fans there’s New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Whether it’s a quarter-mile at a time, or lap after lap, there’s plenty of go-fast fun for the whole family.


The Presidential Range, Mt. Washington the farthest peak on the left as seen from snow covered Cherry Pond in the Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge. An unfrozen stream winds through the snow covered foreground.

One of my favorite destinations in the White Mountain National Forest, Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge offers spectacular views of the Presidential Range.  An easy 2+ mile hike along an old railroad bed brings you to this wonderful area.


vibrant falls foliage lines the base of these granite cliffs found along the Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountain National Forest.

Nothing can compare to the vibrant reds, along with the yellows and oranges, of Autumn in New Hampshire. People come from the world over the see the explosion of color blanketing the mountains during the peak of the Fall foliage season.

Here are the 5 people I’m inviting to give it a shot.

Photos From The Loony Bin

Muse & Sparrow Photography

When This Becomes There


NBush Photography

Unrealistic Expectations

Third times a charm.

June 24th, 2012 was going to be the day I photographed sunrise from the summit of Mt. Washington, NH. The mountain on the other hand was not informed of this plan and did its best to thwart the effort.

The tallest peak in the Northeastern U.S., Mt. Washington’s claim to fame is being “Home to the worlds worst weather,” where on April 12, 1934 a wind gust of 231 mph was recorded, a record for the highest wind speed measured on the earth’s surface that stood for 76 years, until 1996 when Cyclone Olivia snatched the record away. The summit is also shrouded in fog an excess of 300 days a year.

Foiled again!

Somewhere in that cloud is the summit.

Not far after we passed the 5 mile mark on the auto road, we were directed to a pull-out, the summit was completely fogged in and it was suggested we go no further. From past experience, I wasn’t going to argue. The first time fellow photographer Denise Ryan and I tried for a summit sunrise, we waited hopefully as the fog teased us with the possibility of clearing. It didn’t. As I recall, neither one of us pressed the shutter button that day. Lesson learned, if the summit is in the clouds, head down.

A tough act to follow.

On this years adventure I was accompanied by John Vose of Jericho Hills Photography. John’s wildlife photography is outstanding, take a look when you get a chance.

Anyway, this year I was going to better last years photographs, plain and simple. Easy right? The first two images in last weeks Weekly Challenge post are from last years attempt at sunrise on the “Rock pile,” as Mt Washington is affectionately known. Shouldn’t be too hard to top those, just be on the mountain for sunrise, piece of cake.

Not so much as it turns out. Remember those 300+ days I mentioned, this was one of them. The clouds obscuring the sun to the east weren’t any help either.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, at least initially. The sunrise was a non event, with clouds off to the east all but blocking out the sun, add to that  not being able to get as high on the mountain as I would have liked, and almost all my enthusiasm was gone. My unrealistic expectations for coming away with photographs topping last years was in hindsight, foolish. I shouldn’t have even been trying to “top” last years photos, I should have concentrated on making this years. Looking at the images from this year, on their own, I’ve become pleased with the results. The sky may not be as dramatic as last year, but overall I think the the images are basically good.

In a first for me, I’ve actually included a person in one of my photographs.

To Those Who Gave All

This weekend in the U.S. we celebrate Memorial Day. For many this means cook-outs and a long weekend on the lake. But I’d like to remind people of the true reason Memorial Day came to be.

Memorial Day, originally  known as Decoration Day, was a day of remembrance for Union soldiers that died in the Civil War. It has since become a day to honor all service men and women who have bravely, and often willingly, given their lives in service to this wonderful country. As a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, I salute all of those who have paid the ultimate price defending our freedoms.

                                                  To those who gave all, Thank You.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Blue Cars, A Blue Bubble, Blue Ice, A Blue Damsel, and A Blue Abstract.

A little bit of everything, all of it blue.

This last one is for Alice.

Since the “official” challenge was so late in coming, and I had already posted one for the “unofficial” challenge started by Ailsa, I almost didn’t post one for this weeks challenge. But thanks go to Paula, for yet again giving me a push.

Yep, that’s a lot a blue!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Together, a family in the woods.

(Yes, I have shared this one before, but if the image fits, I’m going with it 😀 )

Together, a parent was never too far away.

Together, an “ode” to love.

(true damselfly and dragonfly fans will get it ;-))