Photography 101: The Natural World

Beauty and Wonder Abound

Nature is meant to be lived.

Nature and the Natural World is best enjoyed not through a window or a photograph, but first hand and up close.

In order to witness the magic,

Nature needs to be experienced.


I’m Famous!

At least among kids anyway.

I’m pretty excites to announce that my first published photo is hitting the news stands now!

As a kid I used to love reading Ranger Rick Magazine, a publication put out by the National Wildlife Federation. So having one of my photos on the back cover of the February 2014 issue is pretty darn cool, to me anyway.

Though at first glance, when I looked at one of the copies of the magazine they sent me, I thought the photo looked a little weird because they reversed it for use on the back cover. As shot the cardinal is facing the other way.

No matter.

After a few rounds of patting myself on the back and a few high-fives to self as well, I had to share the news.

The Front... _MG_6210

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit.


A red tail hawk flies away through a deeply shadowed forest. The warm sunlight momentarily illuminates its graceful flight just as it disappears in the trees.

A soon as I read the theme for this week I knew which photo I was going to use. This red tail hawk was a most wonderful and patient subject. He / she posed for me for almost an hour, then as if we could read each others minds, as I was finishing up with my last photos, it took flight.

Before Departure.

red-tail hawk sitting in a tree in this close-up.          red-tail hawk sitting in a tree

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

The Sun,

Life depends on it. As a photographer, I live to chase it. Without its golden glow, photography as we know it would be lacking.

With it, the flowers grow.


Not there, and yet, there.

Even when not within the frame of the image, the suns presence and impact is both seen and felt, adding drama to the landscape.

For the birds.

Even wildlife seems to eagerly await the dawn of each new day.

The end is near.

The sun sets, and the anticipation of its arrival the next morning begins.


The Sun

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

Sparrow leaves its perch

A black-capped chickadee immediately after lift off. A blur of motion.

Fireworks at the Pittsfield, NH hot air balloon rally.

My favorite fireworks image from the 2010 Pittsfield, NH Hot Air Balloon Rally.

Hor air balloons glow at night

"Night Glow" Hot air balloons glow at night. The mixture is adjusted on the flame, so the balloon is illuminated from within without lifting off.

dragsters at the starting line.

A pair of dragsters wait for the green, at New England Dragway, Epping, NH.