Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

For those of you who’ve been following me for even a short time you’ve probably realized I rarely do “Inside.” So when it came to photos for this weeks challenge I had to do a little digging for images that fit the theme.

One way or another, loosely or literally, here are my “Inside” shots.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned.

Since I first picked up a camera in the spring of 2008 I’ve traveled all over the state of New Hampshire making pictures.

Here are a few of the things I’ve found abandoned along the way.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

The road through the forest.

I’ve never been down this road past this point…

Chocorua Lake Road

…because when I get here and look right, I see this.

Through the mystery hole.

I could spend hours photographing the contents of my favorite Jefferson, NH abandoned barn. Unfortunately, unwilling to trespass, I’m limited to the view through the windows.

Antiques in a barn

Or, as is the case with “Horse Nails” above, through the “mystery hole.” The small square hole between the two windows on the side of the barn below. I would love to know what the hole could have been used for, so if any of you “barnologists” out there have any ideas, please let me know.