Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines To Patterns.


Subtle, Leading, Gracefully Curved. 

Shapes, Patterns, Textures

Obvious, Repetitive, Intricate. 


Portsmouth, NH Photo Walk

One of the brick paths, with a white bench on the left, leads deeper into the Prescott Park garden. A bright red, leafy plant dominates the right foreground, with the garden seen deeper into the frame on a misty morning in Portsmouth, NH

This Saturday, July 13th, I’ll be hosting my first ever photo walk in beautiful Portsmouth, NH.

Colonial era homes, beautiful gardens, lobster boats, busy Market Square, plenty of things to keep your shutter finger busy. And that doesn’t include all the shops and restaurants!

If you’re in the area please joins me for a fun, and free, day of exploring this picturesque seacoast town.

I’ll be meeting a few hardy souls in Prescott Park for sunrise, where I’ll then wait for those less inclined to get out of bed so early, before then wandering the town looking for photographic inspiration.

Click HERE for more details.

Sunday’s Hidden Treasure.

Here’s wishing you all Happy Holidays.

This weeks “Hidden Treasure” wasn’t really hidden, or forgotten.

 But being of a very seasonal nature it hasn’t been looked at since I shared a very similar image this time last year.

Night time scene depicting Market Square in Portsmouth, NH. A cast iron street lamp, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, and the well lit steeple of the North Church are all in this vertical image.


Market Square in Portsmouth, NH

Canon EOS 40D

Tamron 17-50 f2.8

ISO 100, 17mm, 15 sec. @ f16

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry


Angle, Line, Architecture. 

My first thoughts for this weeks theme, buildings, bridges, and other man-made structures. Not the usual focus of my photography, but from time to time I will include the man-made.

Enjoy this gallery of my take on geometry.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

As Urban As I Get.

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme is “Urban.” Since I had already made plans to head into Portsmouth, NH today (Saturday) anyway, I was in luck. Also, since I would rather have a root canal than step foot into a “real” city, Portsmouth would have to do.

The weather wasn’t completely cooperative this morning, and fog prevented me from getting several of the photos I was hoping for. All in all, still worth the effort.

Portsmouth is an “artsy” town, even the graffiti is top-notch.

Street art painting of a girl with a black cat on her shoulders, painted on the red stucco exterior of an ice cream shop on State St. in Portsmouth, NH.

Okay, maybe not ALL the graffiti is top-notch.

Graffiti on doors in alley

Nothing says New England…

…like a towering white steeple above downtown. Unfortunately the fog made for less than inspiring skies as a backdrop.

bright red plants and ornamental grasses in a downtown garden stand in the foreground, with the white steeple of Portsmouth, NH's North Church towering in the background.

Not a bad way to get around town.

scooter parked on the brick sidewalk  in front of the yellow exterior of a State Street, Portsmouth, NH business..


I hope these images were “Urban” enough for you.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

The road through the forest.

I’ve never been down this road past this point…

Chocorua Lake Road

…because when I get here and look right, I see this.

Through the mystery hole.

I could spend hours photographing the contents of my favorite Jefferson, NH abandoned barn. Unfortunately, unwilling to trespass, I’m limited to the view through the windows.

Antiques in a barn

Or, as is the case with “Horse Nails” above, through the “mystery hole.” The small square hole between the two windows on the side of the barn below. I would love to know what the hole could have been used for, so if any of you “barnologists” out there have any ideas, please let me know.