The Last Train, Long Ago.

No more calls to board,

The last tickets to ride have long ago been sold,

Even the rails no longer pass,

Broken in spirit,

Yet not ready to succumb,

Maplewood Depot, Bethlehem, New Hampshire


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

In the darkness, forgotten amidst decay.

Hidden beneath graffiti and peeling paint.

Shadows of the past lie long in the fading light.

The ravages of time exacts its price.

Nothing escapes.

Abandoned Garage.

If you wish, you may lurk in the shadows of others.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned.

Since I first picked up a camera in the spring of 2008 I’ve traveled all over the state of New Hampshire making pictures.

Here are a few of the things I’ve found abandoned along the way.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside.


From the inside looking out.

Abandoned garage with sunlight streaming in the broken doors


The outside looking in.

Part of the clutter of years found in an old abandoned barn

(A broader view of the interior of my favorite abandoned barn)

The Collection

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia


The Redstone Quarry in the village of Redstone, (part of the town if North Conway, NH) has long since been abandoned. Though it’s machinery lives on in my imagination.

Every time I visit this wonderful historic site, hidden deep in the woods, I marvel at the machinery, primitive by today’s standards, used to bring large granite blocks in both pink and green, down from the quarry on the hillside above, turning and polishing them into large granite columns.

This is just a small glimpse of what’s hidden at the quarry. Over time, and many visits, I intend to capture it all.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry


Angle, Line, Architecture. 

My first thoughts for this weeks theme, buildings, bridges, and other man-made structures. Not the usual focus of my photography, but from time to time I will include the man-made.

Enjoy this gallery of my take on geometry.