Photography 101: Mystery

The Mysterious Path

Life is a path with a beginning and an end.
Around each bend in that path you’ll encounter mystery and choice.
Plan as you may, the journey you intend as you start down the path,
May be far different from the journey you finish.

Rails. Pondicherry NWR


26 thoughts on “Photography 101: Mystery

    • Where would the fun be if we knew exactly how it was all going to turn out. Most of what is going on in my life, the photography and writing in particular, were not even faint blips on the radar of where I thought my life was headed.

      • Photography is definitely something that keeps me going and that gives me a lot of pleasure. Work wise I’m stuck in a boring side track, so I need to use my creativity on other levels to avoid blowing my head off.

    • Thank you. Great and thought provoking insight. I’d never really thought about how it might affect other people. It does make you wonder what others are looking forward to around their next bend.

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