Photography 101: The Natural World

Beauty and Wonder Abound

Nature is meant to be lived.

Nature and the Natural World is best enjoyed not through a window or a photograph, but first hand and up close.

In order to witness the magic,

Nature needs to be experienced.


31 thoughts on “Photography 101: The Natural World

    • Thank you! The bird was easy. It’s a gray jay, and they are very friendly, especially if they think there might be some food involved. They tend to hang out near tree line and will come right down and land on your hand in hopes of a bit of trail mix or granola bar.

      I know, it’s not the best practice to feed wildlife, but they are so cute and hard to resist.

  1. I fancied them all but the water scenes evoke a wonderful memory for me of days long ago with people I don’t have the opportunity to see anymore. Thanks for the great photos and the appreciated reminder of good times I so enjoyed.

    • Thanks, Maya. The day I made this I was the only one on my knees, pointing my camera down towards the water while everyone else was photographing the fall foliage. And being Columbus Day weekend there were a ton of tourists at the spot I shot this too. I got several, “are you taking pictures of fish?”

  2. What a great collection, Jeff. I’m not picking favorites here, but the dew on the autumn leaf is nothing but solid. Your quote also evoked William Blake for me, and if not to show too much of my literature nerdy-ness, it associated the following quote for me that I believe this collection showcases: “If a thing loves, it is infinite.” Thanks for sharing these, man. (and Happy Belated Armistice Day 😉 ).

    • Thank you, Sir. That is a great compliment. I can honestly say I have no idea where the words come from, they are just there when I need them.

      And to show my complete and total lack of literary nerdyness, as I absolutely hated English class(the sole reason I chose not to go to college), though I have heard the name, I had to Google William Blake. 😉

  3. Very nice light play, Jeff. Hard to say my favorite, although the zoom thing sticks out for me. There’re all good. I enjoyed them all. The water reflection thing also stuck out for me. Great job! 🙂

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