Using Light To Create The Illusion Of Depth

We see the world around us in 3-D.


Blue Lincoln




Photography however is a 2 dimensional medium, height and width. Here, in my latest article for the photography blog, I share some of my favorite tips for using light to add the third dimension, creating the illusion of depth in your landscape photographs.


11 thoughts on “Using Light To Create The Illusion Of Depth

  1. Nice article. I have found that light can be used to create many different effects that we are looking for. I think for many of us after we understand how to use our cameras, we start to to move more towards other techniques to help create more stunning photos. I have found that another thing that helps create an illusion of depth is to create distance between the objects in the photo. Although it can be done with a telephoto lens, but more difficult, wide angle lenses tend to work better for this approach as they tend to make foreground elements bigger and background elements smaller which gives a sense that there is distance between them.

    I always enjoy viewing your photos and hope that some day I have the opportunity to photograph similar scenes.

    • I like to use a wide angle that way too. Accentuating the foreground while making the background small and seemingly distant works very well, as you mention, in creating depth.

      I also think you’re right about learning how to use the camera being only part of the equation. The technical aspects are one thing, learning how to put that knowledge to use creatively is the next step on the learning curve.

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