Five Minutes To Sunrise.

Sunrise, and a five-minute walk.

Sunrise over Baxter Lake in Rochester, New Hampshire

One of the things I love most about living on a lake are the ready-made photo opportunities it presents me with.

Even when I have no set plans to go out making pictures, all it takes is quick glance out the window to have me reaching for my camera and tripod.

With less than a five-minute walk bringing me to waters edge, there’s almost always time to make a picture.

*   *   *

Is there a place close to home that inspires you to grab your camera, even when you had no plans to do so?


35 thoughts on “Five Minutes To Sunrise.

  1. Gives one a warm glow looking at pictures like that. I always take my camera when out walking, even if not planned to take photos or the weather is not very good; you never know. Can’t say the same for my tripod, so awkward lumbering that around.

    • You’re so right Chrisstov, and quite often the more unsettled the weather, the more dramatic the photos. I almost never leave my tripod at home. Very, very rarely do I hand hold my camera. So rarely in fact that I don’t have a camera strap on it. They just get in the way on the tripod. Your photos will always be sharper when using a tripod too 🙂

  2. Stunning. I have no doubt you would have a fantastic time photographing the natural imagery here in Australia 🙂 The Northern Territory (where I am from) has so many amazing opportunities to get brilliant snaps.

    Just out of curiosity, do you have a Red Bubble account?

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