Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Footloose and fancy free, without a care in the world.

Most people know, or at least assume, I’m a pretty serious guy when it comes to my photography. That is until they look at my feet.

It’s pretty hard to take life too seriously while wearing my Fivefingers. I run in them, I have them on when I wade right in to photograph water lilies, the salty waves crash around them standing in the surf awaiting sunrise, and they’ve been to the summit of Mt. Washington, the highest mountain in the eastern U.S. Β The only thing they haven’t seen is snow. Yet.

I wear them everywhere.

I have to thank Paula for the inspiration for this weeks theme. Until seeing her post I really wasn’t sure what I where I would take this weeks theme.


40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

    • Nope, drew a complete blank. Initially I was thinking something with birds, but wasn’t really “feeling” it. Then I saw your post and the clouds lifted πŸ™‚ Or should I say the feet came out? πŸ˜‰

  1. I wear the 5 fingers, also and have many shots of my feet in them. Some from the winter while running in the snow. Once it goes below 35 I switch to a different shoe as I get too cold. Great shots!

    • Thanks Cindy, I love them! FYI, your image is at the printer πŸ˜€ However, since my ESP is acting up I’ll need you to give me a place to send it. Get in touch by clicking “Contact” on the upper right

  2. This is a fun series…I’ve heard that these foot coverings are awesome. I should look into them since I never have shoes on…unless I’m hiking or mowing the lawn. I’d still rather go this route though since the elk hide moccasins I made are showing signs of wear.

    • They are awesome! I found them by accident a few years ago when they first came out. They looked just funky enough that I had to try them. I did have to do some research before I spent that kind of money, (around $100 give or take depending on style). I wanted something that wasn’t going to rip apart at the first sign of twigs or brush. The first pair I bought is showing signs of age, but for three summers of use I can’t complain.

    • Thanks Sheri. I guess they do don’t they. Purely accidental I assure you, since if my Fivefingers are in the photo, I’m usually just goofing off. It’s hard to be to serious wearing these things anyway πŸ˜€

  3. My 25 year old, ultimate frisbee playing son swears by Vibrams. They’re the only shoes he took to the jungles of Belize last spring. One of these days he’ll finally talk me into trying them, lol!

    • They are awesome, you really should try them! They are pretty close to my every-day warmer weather shoes. Running, hiking on all but the rockiest trails, and just around town, I love them.

      • My son says the same thing! They’re not bad on guys but on this middle aged woman, well…lol. Maybe I’ll give them a whirl. I’d like to mention I really enjoy your gorgeous photography and recent tutorial.

        • At 48 in just a few weeks, I think I fit into that middle age category πŸ˜‰ Though you’re right, I’ve only seen a few women wearing them.

          Thank you very much for that very nice compliment. I hope the tutorial was helpful.

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