Sunday’s Hidden Treasure.

Awaiting The Launch.

Not long after sunrise, large groups of photographers gather for the morning launch of the hot air balloons at the 2010 Pittsfield, NH Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Mist covers the glass smooth water reflecting the clouds that are colored in shades of pink and purple from the rising sun. A small island image left, about a third of the way up frm the bottom has a flag pole with the U.S. flag on it. Among the shoreline trees on the point of land behind the island stands several photographers eagerly awaiting the launch of the hot air balloons at the 2010 Pittsfield, NH hot air balloon festival.


Canon EOS 1D Mk IIN

Canon EF 50mm f1.4

iso 100, 6 seconds @ f11


23 thoughts on “Sunday’s Hidden Treasure.

    • Thanks Gary! Fortunately the clouds and the mist made up got the fact that the wind was wrong. Usually the balloons will come over the water and a few pilots will be kind enough to bring their balloons down and dip the baskets in the water. The wind di finally change, but by then the light was gone.

  1. Wow! This is incredible sky color. Also love mist just over the water of the lake. What time was this taken, 5-530am?

    This is right up there with my favorites of your images!

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