Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit.


A red tail hawk flies away through a deeply shadowed forest. The warm sunlight momentarily illuminates its graceful flight just as it disappears in the trees.

A soon as I read the theme for this week I knew which photo I was going to use. This red tail hawk was a most wonderful and patient subject. He / she posed for me for almost an hour, then as if we could read each others minds, as I was finishing up with my last photos, it took flight.

Before Departure.

red-tail hawk sitting in a tree in this close-up.          red-tail hawk sitting in a tree


28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit.

    • I rented a Sigma 120-400 OS, a great lens that compares very well with Canon’s 100-400L at almost half the price. It’s on my list of lenses I want.

      I’m not really much of a birder, ut with all the snowy owls we had in our area last winter, I couldn’t pass them up. This red-tail was a huge bonus find on my way back from trying to get some more of the owls.

    • Thanks Brandon! Those raptors always look like they would eat me if I were small enough 🙂 At first I wasn’t very happy with the results of the first one. I was really trying to get the whole bird in flight, which I am obviously not good at, but then I saw the “light” so to speak.

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