To Those Who Gave All

This weekend in the U.S. we celebrate Memorial Day. For many this means cook-outs and a long weekend on the lake. But I’d like to remind people of the true reason Memorial Day came to be.

Memorial Day, originally  known as Decoration Day, was a day of remembrance for Union soldiers that died in the Civil War. It has since become a day to honor all service men and women who have bravely, and often willingly, given their lives in service to this wonderful country. As a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, I salute all of those who have paid the ultimate price defending our freedoms.

                                                  To those who gave all, Thank You.



11 thoughts on “To Those Who Gave All

    • You are very welcome. I was stationed right here in NH at Pease, back when it was still a base of course. I didn’t do anything as glamorous as fly a plane. I was a General Purpose Vehicle Mechanic(cars and small trucks). Basically the same thing I do now.

      • Sounds like what my Dad did. He ran the vehicle maintenance facility for the Army National Guard in Eureka, California. He was a federal employee, and worked every day for the military, but he was also reserve duty at the same time. So Dad wore a military uniform every day he went to work for as long as I can remember…but we weren’t anywhere near a base. 🙂

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