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Mirror ~ Mirror

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

fiery autumn shore on baxter lake, nh

Autumn On Baxter Lake

Abstract image of white birch trees surrounded by the fiery reds and oranges of autumn.

And Then It Was Said…

Sunrise over Baxter Lake in Rochester, New Hampshire

Five Minutes To Sunrise.

The last of the late day light causes the wispy clouds over Cherry Pond to take on a pinkish hue. The far off blue-green of the mountain range beyond the pond is reflected on the glassy smooth surface of the water.

Sunday’s Hidden Treasure

Standing on a mud bank, surrounded by four green headed drake mallard ducks, and two hens, a lone drake American Black Duck, strips of iridescent green on the sides of it's bowed head, stands out amidst the flashier "green heads." Four more hen mallards float in gently rippled water in the background.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

A fly fisherman standing in the middle of the Cocheco River, casts a dry fly.

Re-Igniting A Passion.

Mist covers the glass smooth water reflecting the clouds that are colored in shades of pink and purple from the rising sun. A small island image left, about a third of the way up frm the bottom has a flag pole with the U.S. flag on it. Among the shoreline trees on the point of land behind the island stands several photographers eagerly awaiting the launch of the hot air balloons at the 2010 Pittsfield, NH hot air balloon festival.

Sunday’s Hidden Treasure.

Lilypadss dominate the foreground looking out over the Bellamy Reservoir towards the setting sun. A sky filled with clouds adding drama to the scene. The suns bright glow appears like a fire on the horizon just over the tree line on the far shore. Faint pinks, purples, and golds ever so slightly coloring the clouds.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far


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