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Christmas Flame

Another 12 From 12

Lilypadss dominate the foreground looking out over the Bellamy Reservoir towards the setting sun. A sky filled with clouds adding drama to the scene. The suns bright glow appears like a fire on the horizon just over the tree line on the far shore. Faint pinks, purples, and golds ever so slightly coloring the clouds.

Through The Lens, My Favorite 12 From 2012.

A tiny, brightly colored juvenile Eastern Newt, commonly referred to as a Red Eft, crawls along the forest floor. It's bright orange skin stands in stark contrast to the surounding litter of leaves, twigs, and bits of tree bark. All seemingly insumountable obstacle for this delicate little amphibian.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

My beautiful blue eyed daughter Nicole in her leopard print winter coat. Sitting in a tree smiling down at me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

vertical image of Tucker Brook as in cascades over and around moss covered granite boulders. The evergreen trees lining the streams banks have a light frosting of the seasons first snow.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Diana's Baths, Bartlett, NH

Sunday’s Hidden Treasure

The three identical leaves of a painted trillium emerge in a triangular spiral. The beautiful white flower soon to follow.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal


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