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green plant in flowing water


Stream Under Autumn Full Moon

One Last Glance


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue Of You

Boulders In Baxter Lake, Autumn

Home Again

The brilliant white steeple of the North Church in Portsmouth, NH

Before There’s Fire.

Long exposure at The Basin

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Intimate close-up of an upper pool at the popular Sabbaday Falls.

Waterfall Season Is Almost Here.

Vertical image of Rocky Gorge on the Swift River in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Vibrant fall foliage can be seen on the far bank above the gorge.

Water Water Everywhere.

A small yellow section of lobster trap lies half covered in seaweed among the rocks on the shore at Great Island Common in New Castle, NH. A cloud filled sky and Whaleback Lighthouse are seen in the distance

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

The Cocheco Mill Building in downtown Dover, NH. The bright blue-white spotlight on the tower shining brightly, a mirror image of the building reflected in the glass smooth water above the waterfalls. Numerous widows are lit from within in this long brick structure.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination


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