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White Mountain Poems

Coming Soon…

Whale Sculpture At Sunrise. Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

The steeple of the North Church in Portsmouth, NH stands tall above the downtown rooftops. The late day sun casting a beautiful pink-orange glow on both the church spire and the clouds in the sky. Hints of the seasons first major snowfall still cling to the many rooftops.

Why Does That Surprise You?

A fly fisherman standing in the middle of the Cocheco River, casts a dry fly.

Re-Igniting A Passion.

Night time photo of the north church in Portsmouth, NH. Vertical image of the well lit steeple in the background, and a nicely decorated Christmas tree in the foreground.


Autumn Impressions, Three Birch Trees On Bear Notch Road.

Impressions Of Autumn

Street art painting of a girl with a black cat on her shoulders, painted on the red stucco exterior of an ice cream shop on State St. in Portsmouth, NH.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban


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