Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialog


The roots and the river bank called to me.





We spoke of shadow and light.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Silhouettes, Shadows On A Partially Inflated Hot Air Balloon.

Silhouettes and summer fun.

Hot air balloons on a warm summer evening.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Twisted wire.

Textured in rust.

Forgotten among the grass and leaves.


Barbed Wire

Go HERE for more great textures.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag


The industrious hand of man.

The zigzag of the rusty iron fire escape on an old brick mill building

The industrious hands of water and time.

Curves Of Time


Using Light To Create The Illusion Of Depth

We see the world around us in 3-D.


Blue Lincoln




Photography however is a 2 dimensional medium, height and width. Here, in my latest article for the Craftsy.com photography blog, I share some of my favorite tips for using light to add the third dimension, creating the illusion of depth in your landscape photographs.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Container

Natures greatest beauty often comes from the smallest containers.


Closed, Pink Fragrant Water Lily Bud.


Open For The Sun


Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic


Fenders and Doors

The ravages of time takes their toll.

Long forgotten in the New Hampshire woods.

Little by little they disappear.

Car Door, Winter Oak Leaves And Rusty Fender


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