Re-Igniting A Passion.

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”  Norman Maclean,  A River Runs Through It

A fly fisherman standing in the middle of the Cocheco River, casts a dry fly.

Long before I ever picked up a camera, I was an avid fly fisherman, though I’m not sure “avid” even begins to describe my love of the art of casting a fly. Back when all I thought about was achieving a perfect, drag free drift, I spent as much time in the mountains chasing fish as I do now chasing sunrises.

There was something so peaceful and relaxing about casting a dry-fly to rising trout. And there is nothing like the satisfaction of catching a wary trout on a fly I’ve tied myself. Unfortunately fly fishing has taken a back-seat to photography the last few years.

The legs of a fly fisherman standing knee deep in the water, net hanging from his hip, stands patiently waiting for a fish to take his fly.

The photos seen here were all created by request for someone who contacted me looking for fly fishing photos to give as a gift. Since I had no fly fishing images in my portfolio, I was eager to get right on it and create a series of images from which they could choose.

Little did I know that I would also be receiving a gift in the process. A gift in the form of a rekindled desire to cast a fly, to be on the water attempting to entice a fish into accepting a hand tied fly.

Having been so busy getting my photography off the ground, I hadn’t realized just how much I missed fly fishing until I started making these photos. The rods will not be so neglected this coming year.

The legs of a fly fisherman standing in the ripples of a stream. Landing net and line, being gently pulled by the current.

Saving the best for last, if only because these were the ones chosen, these last two, both 20″ x 30″ (51cm x 76cm) canvas gallery wraps, are to be Christmas gifts for someone who will hopefully be very happy with what Santa brought them.

A Sage 1 weight fly rod with an Abel TR Light reel, leening up against a stream side rock, with a waterfall as background. Long exposure giving the water going over the falls a smooth, silky look.

A Sage 1 weight fly rod with an Abel TR Light reel, leening up against a stream side rock, a wooden landing net as backdrop

My New Years Resolution for the coming year, put the camera down more often, and pick up a fly rod.

See you on the river!

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22 thoughts on “Re-Igniting A Passion.

    • Cindy, the thing is, one (expensive) hobby usually replaces another. The gear from the previous being sold to finance the next. Fortunately all my fly fishing gear has escaped that fate. I have taken my rods to the mountains when I go on a camping/photography trip, but not often enough.

    • You should Rick. I spend enough time up north with my camera, I just need to bring along the fly rod and a box of flies. I need something to do during the harsh light of mid day anyway, might as well wet a fly :-)

    • Thanks Jude. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to find a “model” this late in the year, but then I remembered how much of a die-hard fly fisherman I was, where there’s trout they’ll be someone casting to them.

  1. Jeff, I loved the film A River Runs Through It. Every time I watch it, i feel very peaceful and longing for the countryside. I can just imagine you being the professional how you feel when casting a fly. Congratulations on your photos going under someone’s Christmas tree. I like the penultimate photo very much.

  2. Another passion and art form in which we share an earnest interest, Jeff! I had two wonderful days of trout fishing while I was in New Zealand recently, and you’ve stirred up the urge to post something of the experience. Watch for it!

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