Weekly Photo Challenge: Monumental


A new day unfolds.

Golden light falls across the land.

Monumental beauty is revealed.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Good times in Tuckerman Ravine.

There is a very high threshold that would need to be met when it comes to weather I’d consider too extreme to venture out with my camera.

Though honestly, if I think there’s a photograph to be made I don’t think there is weather too extreme.

And even when the weather doesn’t play nice, like this past Sunday when a couple of friends and I hiked into Tuckerman Ravine on New Hampshire’s Mount Washington, we were still able to have some fun and enjoy a fine spring day in the mountains. High winds, blowing snow, limited visibility and all.

This was our sunrise.

Tracey, Adam, And The Weather In Tuckerman Ravine

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life.

Or Lack Thereof…

At the hours I’m normally out with camera and tripod in hand, there is rarely another soul in sight.

Case in point, this photo looking into Market Square in beautiful Portsmouth, NH.

Notice the clock on the steeple, 6:20. And that’s a.m. which is actually a late morning for me.

In a few hours, this picturesque area of Portsmouth will become alive with the hustle and bustle of cars and pedestrians, tourists and locals alike. Thus creating an entirely different atmosphere than the peace of early morning.

Misty Morning Market Square.

Mirror ~ Mirror

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Part II

Water ~

The mirror through which the sky may admire its performance.


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Reflecting Upon Nature.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Part I

Nature, in all its splendor, is supremely beautiful.

Often more so upon reflection.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

For those of you who’ve been following me for even a short time you’ve probably realized I rarely do “Inside.” So when it came to photos for this weeks challenge I had to do a little digging for images that fit the theme.

One way or another, loosely or literally, here are my “Inside” shots.

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Heaven Is The Third Peak To Your Left.

Feeding my soul at 5,000 feet.

Blue Lincoln

The mountains are my church, and the windswept summits are the altar upon which I find solace.

In The Church Of Ice And Snow.

Many worship behind stained glass, or under minarets.

My place of worship is in solitude, high on a mountain ridge as I watch the sun dip below the western horizon. As the warmth of daylight is replaced by the cool blue of twilight, this is where I find peace and salvation.

For me, this is Heaven.


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